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Monday, December 27, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Pics

These are my favorites from Christmas this year. They are in reverse order since I forgot that blogger loads this way. Please scroll down and come back up:)
My favorite of all the Pics. Smiles and sweet rodents. Happy kids, frugal Christmas, happy mom and dad.
Victoria and Oreo. Oreo is the more active Guinea Pig and she loves to eat veggies constantly!
Emma snuggling with Smores.
Caedmon excited to get miners Lego's from Grandma and Grandpa!
So sweet!
Coal and Emma.
Smores big cute eyes staring out of her piggaloo in the cage.

Emma's rat Coal. She took a while to get use to us but she is so sweet and loves to ride on Emma's shoulder.
Awe, so cute and so friendly!

Victoria with her pet rat Spazy.

LOVED that I captured Emma's expression when she opened Grandma and Grandpa O's present for her. A set of hardback Diary of A Wimpy Kid books! Emma is a big fan. We got her two shirts with him on them too.
A lovely pink owl coin bank from Pier One!
Emma's present to Victoria in a Victoria's Secret bag to which she and I added the word "present" so it was Victoria's Secret Present! The CD case from the thrift store was indeed the perfect hay feeder. They are using that litter pan really well too! That makes me so happy!

He was so excited! We still have a ramp to add up to the loft.

I built a C&C Guinea Pig cage for very cheap for Caedmon. I learned all about them from youtube video's. It was a cool experience and I had fun with it too! The cages can be embellished later on.

The girls were SOOOO surprised! They both wanted a baby rat but mommy was not keen on them. She warmed up and now she loves them as much as they do. They don't know how lucky they are their mommy is very open-minded:)

And, our first picture won't turn right side up no matter what I seem to do! This was Caedmon's first and biggest gift, two girl guinea pigs. I was so excited we got them free on Craigslist! He named them Oreo and Smores. Does he have food issues? LOL! They are fabulous girlies! He loves them so much and says every day that he cannot believe he got what he really wanted.

For more actual footage of Christmas and events before, feel free to visit our Youtube channel linked in the right side bar of this blog.

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tricia said...

great pictures! I am glad to hear that you had a great Christmas!