"Be thankful in all things, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." I Thes 5:18

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Dreams

I love calling them that. I love dreaming of what may be in the new year. Last year I did this and the Lord had huge medical trial for me by Feb that included surgery and a long recovery. So, I didn't get to dive into my dreams right away or in the manner I wanted. I thought often of the verse about making our plans but God directing our steps.
The thing I love about New Year Dreams is that they are goals, hopes and desires I have but they are secondary to whatever God has for me this year. He may have easier times, challenges, breakdowns, times of want or plenty, life or death. In hope of Him I can keep my joy of anticipation high because as His child, what He has is better for me than anything I can come up with.
But what are my dreams?
  • Return to Inductive Study- I enjoyed reading through the bible with the Bible in A Year Blog but I'm anxious to get back into the in depth book study. I really have missed the Who, What, When, Where and How of these. I'll be starting the year with Psalms. The reason I chose this is because frankly, I want to remember the passion of my love for God again. I've been very emotionally numb the last few months. I think sometimes trials can have that effect even though you've grown, you do also grow weary sometimes. I think the Psalms may be a balm to my soul to start out the year and remember my hearts intimate connection to the Creator.

  • Continue the Weight Journey- I lost over 20lbs last year! Yeah. I have 20 to go. More than that, I'm loving the exercise and change of lifestyle. Last year I said I wanted us to be more active as a family. We had a few outings and then I went down for a while. I want to continue that with more hikes, trips to local trails, biking and so on. My own personal goals are to go to the gym three to four days depending on gas funds and exercise here on the days I'm just home.

  • Coupons- The great coupon bash I did when I started out kept us stocked on many fun things we are still using up. I really look forward to getting back on that wagon and saving a lot in our budget in the new year. My coupon blog "What's The Deal" will start piping again the first week of Jan!

  • Gratitude- God is really pushing me to discover true thanks and how it can change everything about me. I've been challenged by the theme verse of this blog to truly test it out. Can I give thanks in ALL things? What is the result if I do? For example, on Christmas Rick accidentally gave a gift to the kids to open that was mine. Now, he and I don't get many gifts (that's okay with us) so I was very hurt he was not sensitive enough to read who's it was first. I went to sulk in the kitchen. The Lord asked me how I can give thanks in this? I was not sure for a moment how I could. Then it came to mind. I can be thankful that my child had some more joy in opening it for me. I could be thankful that my husband was receiving a growing experience in being more careful and sensitive. It was not easy to submit to this conviction but I did. I look forward to doing it more. I think it is the precursor to joy.

  • Simplicity/Organization- I love a simple life and I want to collect less and less unimportant stuff. What we do have I want to steward well and finish organizing. One thing I've learned is that it's easier to organize with less than with more! It also leads to a freedom for generosity.

  • The Floor- We ripped up the dinning room carpet months ago and it looks like through some gifts we have the money to do most of the new floor! I start more carpet ripping when the kids return to school. We are putting down a textured vinyl tile. Here is a pic of it. It will go through the living area, dinning and kitchen which are all attached anyway. I realize it's a little unconventional to put this in a living room but with the yellow wall we want a Tuscan country look and this will work. I'm hunt later for a brown sectional on Craigslist to complete the Tuscan design and give us more seating. I am really looking forward to the carpet GONE in the living areas and hopefully soon we can start laminate wood in the kids rooms.


tricia said...

Great Dreams! I look forward to see what God has planned for you this next year.

Joan said...

Thanks for sharing your dreams, Alicia! Fun to hear your design plans for your home, as well as your other plans. I'm with you on the weight and gratitude issues! Love to all of you.