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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Husband Passed The Edward Fantasy Test

Yes, I could be blogging about the wonderful things I'm leaning in 1 John right now. Or, even the photos I have and the telling of the house remodeling we are doing. Nope, I'm hear for an Edward moment, and yes, I do mean Twilight's Edward. So, bite me. (ha,ha,ha, that was good...)

It's just too funny and I don't want to forget it. I think my husband will be amused and pleased when he reads this as well.

After a few years of liking Twilight's books and movies, I've NEVER had a dream about Edward. I've never had a temptation to fantasize of him either or anything from Twilight for that matter. Yes, it's possible to enjoy something w/o having issues. So, last night when I dreampt of Edward I found it ironic that it's taken my subconscious this long to bring him on the scene.

In my dream, we were at a theme park. Not sure which but it was comparable to Disneyland, though the rides were not anything like what is there. Robert Pattinson was there for the day as a visiting celebrety. I was able to seem him approach and Rick was closer to where he was in my dream, so Rick was saying hello to him first. I was nervous and thrilled to actually see him (okay, wouldn't YOU be too!) but even my dream me was much like me in that I hesitated to go up and say hello. I decided this was too good to pass up so I came up to him as he talked with Rick and said some type of hello and that even though I was old (ha, ha, I find this funny too), I still loved Twilight. He was gracious and the dream phased out there like they do.

The next part of this I remember was that he came back to where we were in full Edward costume. My first reaction was complete girlie, stupid, butterflies, infatuation heart attack. He looked good approaching. As he got closer I started to feel nervous because he had an intentional look on his face and kept coming closer and closer to me. Rick was standing next to me.
He came up to me, put his arm around my waist and leaned in to kiss me! Before actually laying one on me though I remember saying, as his face got closer "Your makup looks a lot worse up close"....LOL!!!
He didn't seem to care. He leaned in further and put his thin, cold hard lips on me in the most passion-less kiss I've ever had in a dream, EVER. I could see Rick looking at us from behind him. SO, here is the great part.....

He was still leaning into me, and I was leaning way back, when he stopped and I said:

"You don't kiss near as good as he does!" (turning my gaze to my frozen husband)


I don't remember any more and the dream fell off there, but I just found this soooo funny!
Had to tell.
Ah, good stuff.
I'm sure my husband will be pleased he has my subconscious heart as well.

OH, and those who know me will find this funny too. Later in the dream he was back to his British Pattinson self, and he was enjoying a good conversation with Rick on European history!!!
Oh, dear.

Don't worry though Edward, this is still my favorite part of all things Twilight, these short few seconds:


erin claassen said...

you crack me up.

Kristen Borland said...

HA! Too funny! And yay for your subconscious for getting it right!!

What I love most is that you blogged about it! Because that is truly blog worthy and a shame to keep to yourself. :)

Alicia said...

Thanks guys. I posted this and just worried people would think I was really strange. Then I reminded myself, I don't care.

Kristen Borland said...

Ha! I'm glad you posted, and I'm glad you don't care. :)