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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Salmon Falls Hike 2011 Photos

We did this last year and loved the spot. This year the kids were challenged to go further than they did on the mountain hike. They made it way above the falls and trail kept going. Caed wanted to continue but the girls were done. So, next time we can see what is further. Just sharing some pictures. I have some video too but I'll have to do that another night because my husband bought me and him some ice cream! Yeah. Time to veg out now:) We started off by stopping to see the famous Elephant Seals that come in this time of year. IT was a GORGEOUS Cali day!
The lighthouse in the distance.
A beach full!
I LOVE THIS! I want to make it into a Mother's day card or something....awe!
Baby nursing....
My son has issues with smiling properly at the camera.
Or being annoyed by his sister.
Yep, that be us all...

Now up the coast a way at Ragged Point.

Great picture except for the little boy who is sad he is NOT being allowed to try to climb down the cliff side. Gee, you think we might love him or something.
Salmon Falls, full and gorgeous.

Nothing tastes better than a sandwich on a rock.

Caed brought something to put water in. He enjoyed looking at what he gathered.

Cold but refreshing!
Sticks to collect for homemade bow and arrows. I'm not sure she's made those yet but she had fun finding them.

Somewhere down there I think is our car or at least the road.

Rick showing Emma talc stones.
He was all into this. He just wanted to keep going and going and going!
This is where we stopped, we had conquered our mountain!
Shadows of goodbye:)


Karen said...

FUN!!! I can't wait to get outdoors and do some fun activities like that! Man, I sure miss the coast!

AmberJ said...

Thanks for sharing Alicia...I can't believe how big your kids are getting and you look fabulous! We have to get you up here so that Caed can hike to his hearts content!!!