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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Lack of the Gooies

Rick and I watched the wedding this evening. It was very pretty and well done. I loved the trees brought in! That was fabulous.

Still, I could not help noticing something. There was no infatuation sparkle. Now, let me explain.

With Diana and Charles, there was nothing. It was beyond just British, it was cold. With Kate and William, they are obviously in love, and I think they are a great match.

Yet, could you not tell that they were familiar? They have been living together for 8 years. They know each other well, which is great, but it made some of the magic missing from this event.

I wanted to see something more than a true love choice here, I wanted to see sparkle! I wanted to see them hardly able to stop looking at each other, holding each other's hand. I wanted to see more gooey stuff.

I'm sure they had it. We all just missed out on it. There was more best friend than adorable longing in this event.

I understand that they all believe testing this out was a better way of doing things. I just personally don't think so. It's one extreme to another. Diana should never have been pressured to marry a man she did not love, or was not loved by. Yet, once love was found for William, I so wish we could have seen them expectantly magical as they anticipated their union. That kiss was lacking! Could you not see him? He was saying "well, should we give them a kiss then? come on, let's give them a kiss." IF this is about letting royalty be with their love, let's see them do it right. If she were not so familiar to him, perhaps he would have been eager enough to at least reach his hands out toward her when kissing her! Is this just a British thing?

Okay, you die-hards can throw your tomatoes at me now. It's just my take on the whole thing.


Miriam said...

I know what you mean about them being familiar with each other, but the kiss is a difficult thing to do with "sparkle" when you know everyone is expecting it and waiting for it and going to take a thousand pictures of it. In spite of all the time they spend in front of cameras, they actually aren't actors. Personally, I thought his grin after the kiss said it all. It was adorable.

Karen said...

I won't throw any tomatoes lol. But I will say that after watching all of the commentary about the required "public British stoic-ness", I'm not at all surprised by what we saw. And even more, I was pleased. We saw private smiling glances during the ceremony and TWO balcony kisses. After seeing Diana's very pained ceremony, I enjoyed their wedding very much!

Joan said...

Alicia, I am SO GLAD you said this! I was wanting to say it all day yesterday on Facebook, but didn't want to be a kill-joy. There is just something not very romantic about people getting married after they've been living as if they were married already! And yes, the kiss was lacking. I so agree with you. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!