"Be thankful in all things, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." I Thes 5:18

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Locker Room Enlightenment

I don't usually hear much conversation in the gym locker room, just hair dryers and showers running. The last two weeks though the same source has had a lot to say to enlighten and annoy me.

It first started with her having a conversation with another woman:

Her: "My butt is too fat"
Other Lady: "I think you look really good"
Her: "Oh, really.....thank you, that is so sweet. I think I'm going to cry."
Other Lady: "No, really it's true"
Her: "Well, I guess it's not bad for 46"
Other Lady: "You look really good for your age"
Her: "Awe, thank you."

Now, Her is about 5'6 and probably a size 8 or 10 at the most. Not only did I find the conversation pathetic, I wanted to tell her there could have been women in the room with truly large booties who would have been so offended by that. Or, maybe they would have slapped her I don't know.....

Someone else comes in and she strikes up more conversation about how she has put on three lbs coming to the gym and how annoying this is to her. The owner passes though and tells her that when you work out, your muscles retain water. She does not like this answer and tells the owner she will have to remind her of that over and over for her to feel better. Oh. My. Word.
She then explains that she is meeting a guy in a few days and needs that 3lbs to go away.

Well, a few days later I happen to be back in there with more of Her and another woman talking. I came in somewhere around here:
Her: "How much did it cost you to get that done?"
Other lady (different than above): "About $100"
Her: "And how about the other work?"
Other lady: "About 4 grand"

They went on in hushed tones about all kinds of doctors they have seen and work they have had done or want to have done.
Now, I did not not realize the local-yocal everyday people are doing this! This removed, that sucked out etc.... I'm in a bubble! It made me realize that I look pretty darn good for au natural! How do we poor common women compete with this? We are busting our butts literally while everyone is cheating!!! This is not just in Hollywood? I was surprised. I know, most of you are probably not, but I was.
Then my question was: "well, why the heck are you a the gym?!!" If you can just pay to have this done....please pay. I realize it's for good health too but let's face it, most women are not there for their health as they are for their figure. If you're doing what I'm doing, AND getting work done.....what the heck are you eating!!!??? That is so not fair!!! (* sarcasm*)

So back to Her. Her starts to tell how she is divorced and has not had sex in 5 months. Has she ever heard of TMI? This has been a few days since her rant about 3lbs and she says she has taken laxatives and lost 2.5 overnight (did you not hear the woman with brains tell you not to worry about it!!???). You lost 2.5 lbs of poop!!! Yeah for you.
She is happy though because now it's time to meet "this guy". He lives down south and he is coming up to see her. She states:
"He said he'll come up, and we'll go out for sushi and have sex."
Other woman says nothing (wonder why).
Her: "I really like him, he's really good looking. I'm really careful who I just have sex with now though. I'm more picky than I use to be."

She then goes on to rant about how great looking this guy is and how she knows it's nothing ongoing but she is looking forward to it. She is so relieved she lost her 2.5 lbs of poop. I wonder if she'll tell him that.

She is after all.... rather chatty.

So, I leave thinking I live in a simple little bubble. I cannot imagine being so superficial and having the stress of my appreciation wrapped up in my physical appearance. It's a meat market! You have to keep the meat looking good when that is all you have out there to get some love. Dare I call it love?

I would not trade the trust and security and acceptance I have in my marriage for any of this. It's not all it's glamorized to be. It's a striving after the wind you cannot catch. It's sorrow and rejection at the end of the day. It's painful. More than anything, it's so far from what God has for us in life regarding love and our bodies. He proves Himself right over and over.


Nicoly said...

You're so right. I was just telling Ian the other day after catching a "Real Housewives of OC" that I'm pretty sure I'm more secure with my personality and appearance than any of those women that look so good from the outside. It's so very sad what they do to themselves to stay "hot". My hubby thinks I'm hot no matter what I do because he loves me. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Thanks for the reminder of what I've got!!!

Miriam said...

Very sad, isn't it? I know "regular" people also who pay several thousand for a little nip here and tuck there. One in particular. She cried when she turned 35. Simply because she was now 35. She also had, at the time, a 13 or 14-year-old daughter who had never seen her without her face fully made up. Even on weekends. I find it incredibly sad when someone's self-worth is so tied up in their appearance.

tricia said...

This is a great reminder. I sometimes forget that I do live a simple life that is different then a lot of our society. I knew that people outside of Hollywood did these procedures, because of the time that I lived in southern California. I think that it has become more acceptable, because of all the tv (Niptuck)show that focus on getting plastic surgery. I am so thankful to God for the joy and peace I have.

TammyIsBlessed said...

So sad.

Amy B said...

You know that Beatles song.. "All we need is love". I wonder, if the rest of us weren't married and commenting, how desperate we would be to be loved and beautiful. I find myself sad for Her. Maybe she was abused, maybe she was used, maybe her boyfriend looked at porn on the internet and made her feel ever more insecure. All I know is that most women out there, believers or non-believers, want to be beautiful and accepted, loved for who they are and some don't know what love is or how to get it other than looking like the magazine and acting like a Housewife, believer or non-believer. For those of you who have the security of an iron post, give the rest of us a break. We all want to be beautiful and need a friend to look beyond the surface and tell us that God loves us and we're beautiful and accepted because of His Son, Jesus.