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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New On The Blog...Make-ahead Monday's!

I really enjoyed making this ahead last week. It really helped our week when it came to food. I'm also going to gym at planned times to be able to watch Food Network since I don't have it at home. Anything I like I'm coming hope and writing down so I remember to try them. I always get ideas that I forget later and I really want to make some new healthy choices around here.

What I'm here to say though is that I'm going to make Make-ahead Monday's a segment here on the blog. It may even be a weekly Vlog if I can Emma to help me. She loves doing camera work but whether she can hold it straight the whole time remains to be seen.

So, this coming Monday it looks like I'll be making the following:

Crunch Baked Spicy Garbanzo Bean snacks
Mediterranean Quinoa salad
Frozen Bean and Cheese Burritos
Celery and Ranch Yogurt Dip
Smoothie Pops

So, if life allows, I look forward to sharing with you each Monday what I come up with to make ahead. I will include recipes or links for them as well.

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tricia said...

I look forward to watching your vblog on Monday. I need inspiration and ideas.