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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Makeover Step 2 Complete!!!!

I know I should show you more of the process but I don't have much time and I'm really excited to have ONE clean room in my house!!! So, you get to jump to the end of the story and see the last page for the dining room anyway. I still have to get candles for the ironwork on the wall (great goodwill find for my Tuscan theme) and the chairs are going to get sanded and stained a dark antique walnut stain. OH, and the valances are not up yet!

The flooring makes the the floorspace HUGE! The kids love sliding around.

So, the kitchen and laundry room floors are done too but I have some cleaning still to do before those pics come. The living room is still crazy but we have the flooring (wood laminate) and it goes in this Saturday!!! SOOO excited!


The Zookeeper said...

Awesome! It looks so nice. You guys did a great job.

TammyIsBlessed said...

Fabulous job DIY girl!

tricia said...

It looks great. You did a great job.

Joan said...

Beautiful! Love it!