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Friday, March 4, 2011

Talking About Tics

I wanted to share about this for the sake of all mom's wondering what is going on with their kids. Any time we can share this stuff, it helps relieve frustration and irritation in our parenting. I just recently came to the conclusion that this was what the symptoms meant. It's good that I know now and can stop putting pressure on my son to stop or be annoyed with what he cannot help.

I'm talking about tics. 20% of children suffer from some sort of tic. Boys are twice as likely than girls. Tics are repeated involuntary muscular movements, affecting either limb muscles, facial muscles (e.g. grimacing or eyelid flicking) or vocal muscles (grunting or saying words). (From here)

Years ago, Caedmon started having his tic. His was where he would open his eyes wide, open his mouth, and stretch out his nose. Like someone who has something in their eyes and nose that is bothering them. We would ask him over and over what was wrong, what was he feeling, and why was he doing this? It was very annoying. He had no explanation or reasoning behind it. It would go on for weeks and then stop. Over the past few years it has come back with many months in between.
I just figured he was a quirky kid.
Then, about two months ago, he started this grunted throat clearing finished off with a small cough. It started around the time we had been sick but it never stopped. I thought it was just him getting over the cold (which may have very well triggered it). When it did not stop I figured he had allergies and I've tried treating him with children's allergy meds. They do nothing for it.
I decided to Google discussions on this by parents and it turns out that this exact throat clearing/cough is a common tic. Most parents have stated that they treated it as an allergy as well and nothing helped. I started reading up on tics and it all made sense.
So, somewhere in the busy neurological going's on of my child's body and brain, he seems to swing around now and then into these displays of what's going on inside. There is no behavior attached to it, just us having to be patient.
The reason I wanted to blog about it is just to bring it up. It's a little strange, and frustrating to hear all day but I've decided to take a deep breath, and wait for it to pass. I just want to encourage others to do the same and look into relaxing while their strange little specimen of a being grows up and through so many wonderfully bizarre things.:)


Joan said...

Thanks for posting this, Alicia. Jeremy has stuttering that comes and goes and has gotten much worse lately. We actually had him evaluated last year by a speech therapist, and she said he would probably grow out of it, but to bring him back in if it gets worse. So, we're thinking about it. Anyway, it's good to remember to relax. :)

Alicia said...

That's why I think it's so good to share. We are encouraged by each other for sure:).