"Be thankful in all things, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." I Thes 5:18

Friday, March 25, 2011

To God Or Not To God

Randomness from my brain today....

- I like that they have the today show on at the dentist office now. Anne Curry interviewed a mom who lost her son and they have made a movie of her story. Anne asks her "Where you angry at God?"

This surprised me. I find it interesting that it's very normal and okay to ask this question but not one like "Where you able to trust God through this time?" or "Did you turn to God for strength in your sorrow?"

What it must be like to be God and be mostly acknowledged for being God when people are angry at you. Think about it. It's the most frequent time we acknowledge His existence but more importantly the FACT that we KNOW He is in control. When his control brings good, we slide along and try not to mention him but when it's bad we acknowledge it's His fault.

I've been through a deep sorrow. It's normal to cry out to God in your heart "No!!! Please don't let this happen!" or "I don't want this!!!". But the moment that thing DOES happen I really truly have never felt anger toward God for His choices. I have felt deeply sad, and I've disagreed with Him, but never hated him for things.

I just find it strange that we don't really want to notice him publicly (and especially insinuate his authority) unless their is tragedy and we need to vent.

-Lady Gaga's new song "I Was Born This Way" is a boatload of moral discussion. I just have had one aspect of it on my mind today though. She talks about how God does not make mistakes. Her purpose in saying this is in defense of homosexual lifestyle.

Well...does God make mistakes or doesn't HE!!??
We say no when it works for us and yes when it doesn't an dare justified in our rejection of Him. Oh, we are so fickle.
If you truly believe that God makes no mistakes (and yes I do but Gaga does not in reality and I'll tell you why in a moment) then you have no reason ever turn from Him.

See, God does not make mistakes, people do. The whole point of saying we were born this way is to avoid saying we make choices.
Lot's of things are innate in us or "born in us". I heard a man speaking on Focus on the Family recently about this and how it related to this homosexual mindset. He pointed out that he was born to want to have sex with every attractive woman he sees, but that he is not justified in this because of his bent. We are born many ways, of which I could go on and on, that we would not choose to act upon. Therefore in case of argument, this reasoning does not fly. I'm just sayin.

Gaga does not really believe that God makes no mistakes because His word says that he made man to be with woman. She believes contrary to God and therefore, God is mistaken.

These random trails led me to more thoughts.....

-People reject the truth of the bible when they acknowledge God's existence and even sovereignty. How is this? They say that the bible was written by men and therefore is not valid. Now, we who hold to it's truth of course believe what the bible says about itself in II Tim 3:16 that it is "God-breathed".
Yet, for fun, let's just accept their argument for a moment. Let's say we can't trust the bible because it was what men said about God. Okay, then on that basis, we cannot trust ANYTHING said written or claimed about God. We can't believe that he makes no mistakes if Gaga says so, that he is not real as many men say, that He is all loving and not just. We cannot believe anything about Him.
What I'm saying is, that many people will deny the bible as truth but fully and quickly in fact, accept what many OTHER men say about God.

So, IS HE, or ISN'T HE?

You know, it's consistent with mankind today. They are walking oxymoron's. Charlie Sheen can rant on the net about how unhealthy all we stupid people are going to our junk foods while he's smoking enough to light up the Great Plains. Everyone chants natural organic living and have plastic surgery to stay so darn "naturally" beautiful. We want the rules to apply when we like them it's just really how it is.

I'm just sayin.......

....and now I shall go make dinner.


Amy B said...

You can make yourself crazy thinking like this! HA! I'm conflicted listening to Gaga sometimes but the beat is awesome! hehe We're doing a bible study called The Truth Project and it's addressing who God is, what the Bible says vs. society. Are we surprised that the world thinks the opposite? That's why it's so important for us to know the Truth and to be in His Word, washing our minds of the filth of the world so we can love those who are lost in it...

Alicia said...

I'm with ya, I like her music too. I even let my kids listen to this song. I only have one I can fully talk to about it though. Emma loves the song but I can't tell her what it's all about yet. Thankfully she can't even tell all the words yet.
As far as singers go, I could come up with a legit reason to dissect just about any artist or song (which is why I don't shun some of it).
I am not surprised at their thinking, I was surprised to hear God mentioned on national tv though.
Sounds like a great study you are in. I'm glad you are getting to do that.