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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Show and Tell From The Dig

Finally get to my show and tell blog from the Dig! The girls and I went durring spring break and we did not even get to go through everything. The girls had fun for a few minutes but were done within 30 min or less. Mama is a die hard so they went and sat in the van with their MP3s while I kept at it for a bit.
I'm actually splitting my sharing from the Dig (Goodwill Outlet) in two different blogs. Most of it is here, and the t-shirts are over at Creative SAHM as I am using them for making bags.
The Glassware:
I don't usually focus on glass ware there often. However, I was interested in containers for collecting dried flowers, dried citrus and such for potpourri making. I found a few fun things in the process.
A multi purpose jar that Caed can use for the tadpoles from the river, or a fish. He brings in nature all the time so this made a good habitat jar for his adventures.
We spent our Anniversary in Cambria, and it's one of mine and Ricks favorite get aways. So I could not pass up this lovely wine glass that simply stated the town name.
Also while we were away we did one wine tasting (in Templeton actually) at Wild Horse. Our friends had served a Pino Noir from them that was AMAZING, and we had a free tasting coupon so we tried some of their other stuff. However, since our coupon made the tasting free, we did not get a glass. SO, when I spotted this, I got it for our memory time.
Vintage jam jars traditionally used as juice glasses, these were a great find and they can make good flower vases for small flowers too. I also found a few other vases/containers.

These were possibly vintage also. Two of them say juice something or other, and one is a old milk looking one with a cow on it. I wanted them for flowers. The item in the foreground is a melt and pour with a great handle. I want to work with some wax later on for candle making so I grabbed that too.
The Clothing/Shoes:
Emma grabbed these converse. Three of them (one below) were real converse which is a great shoe even when worn a bit. She loves converse so she put some on right away. I had to have her stop in her tracks to take the below picture. Oh, and on a side note from above, I also found this mirror and picnic basket.
It's not every day you get playing card converse shoes....
I found a Levis jean jacket. I've been looking for one for a while.
Levi jeans in great shape. A little small but it will motivate me.

Lots of fun trendy tops for the girls.
Emma found this one herself. Mommy thought it was pretty cool!
This one was for me, loved it.
....and a one size fits all cover up for the beach or pool, just in time!!!

a few tops for mommy.

The Vintage:

This vintage treasure was fun! It was homemade but I still loved it. Saving it for the girls or a smaller me.

This old Fire King bread pan was like nothing I'd ever seen. It had design (shown on the end above) all the way around. It was beautiful. It just needs a really good scrub to get all the burn off. I think it's too pretty to just sit in the cupboard for occasional baking. I intend to use it as a serving dish.

I also grabbed what I think is an old green avon perfume bottle (not sure, just loved it), a tin measuring cup with strawberry design (I'm keeping my seed packets in this on a shelf now), and a old cheese or meat slicer.

wish you could see the pretty design on the bottle, but you can't.


Found a bag full of stretch tops for containers you don't have lids for.
Grabbed this for the glow in the dark stars. I don't know why it was tapped to a doll furniture thing. Caed has wanted some of these and I'm putting it with his birthday stuff.
A cute wine gift cylinder that is just pretty.
Small fish tank. Emma grabbed this for tadpoles or a beta fish. When you have kids who go through small pets, it's good to grab these cheep and just keep them in the shed or something till they get a whim or catch something.
A cute country shelf and a bag with a country welcome set. I found these separate and thought they went great together. I gave this to my friend Michelle because she loves roosters and does more of this theme.

A cute "God Is Good" thermos for Caed's lunches.
Greeting cards. Rick always tells me there are not enough masculine ones for him so these were good.
The girls found some books they wanted.
I loved this! It's a tooth brush hanger for the kids bathroom.
This was a real treasure for us. We needed another umbrella for the porch when it gets hot. We have one out there that had one pole break. I just pinned up that side so it can go against the window of the house and we can still enjoy it. However, we really needed another one because it gets really hot out there. This needs a good wash but it's in great shape still.

Christmas Stuff:

O0ps, sideways. Sorry. This was in a box and I opened the box and saw stained glass. I just grabbed it and thought I'd look at it more before I checked out. I had no idea what it was. I forgot however to check it so when we got home, we had a mystery item! I opened it and was thrilled! It is the most adorable Christmas manger scene!!! It plays "Away in a Manger" and the characters circle the manger. LOVE IT! The kids loved it too and wanted to hold it and watch it. It's going to make a fun memory item for Christmas.

A really nice nutcracker....and a sleigh. I picture this sleigh sitting on a table with a tangled mesh of white/white lights in it and lit up!

SO! That is it (actually there were some nice frames I found, a few games, and other small stuff I did not take pics of. Head over to Creative SAHM later to see the t-shirts we found for bags!

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