"Be thankful in all things, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." I Thes 5:18

Saturday, May 21, 2011

wow...."Save the Date!" "Mark Your Calendars!"...really??

Is that how glory comes down? "save the date!" or "mark your calendar!" ?
I'm just up a little sleepless...
reading this. wow.

"... the Holy Spirit
has abandoned all churches, those still
following any church on May 21, 2011 are
not saved. Nevertheless churches teach
their members that:
1. They as confessing members of their
church are safely in Christ’s care.
2. No man can know the day or hour of
Christ’s return. Therefore, they are certain
that Christ will come as a thief in the night.
These dear people do not realize at all
that they, themselves, are in spiritual
nighttime, a condition that guarantees that
when Christ comes they, themselves, will
be destroyed in the Day of Judgment. How
awful! It is the true believers who know
the time (the hour) and much about
Judgment Day (the day). They are not in
the nighttime of spiritual darkness."

I am no bible scholar, but I hear fear in these words.
Oh, how the enemy loves to shame the people of God. For this is indeed embarrassing. I know we will all get knocked for it unfairly. I don't blame them. Though they don't realize we are not all in this boat.
I read the whole article and the logic jumps from verse to verse where he wants it to go with no congruent study. Claims that the tribulation started in 1988 and that the Holy Spirit left the churches then.
I can testify to that not being true. I said in my vlog that Christians don't have joy and love. I should have clarified that many don't. I'm blessed to be surround by many who do. Our church is a living testimony of the grace and truth of Christ. The Holy Spirit at work. No human efforts can conjure up this kind of care for each other, forgiving each other, striving together, seeking God's glory, loving and upholding one another. I know there are other churches who have this character of Christ as well, alive and serving each other.
There are many false gospels springing up, even among the churches, but for him to claim the Holy Spirit has left the church goes against my experienced testimony of what I've seen myself.

The enemy loves when we scatter in fear. He loves to see us responding like crazy people, shaming the name of Christ and the child-like simplicity of the gospel.
Like I said, I'm no scholar, but I'm starting to think that when men study too much with the wrong motives know less. It can be tempting to study the word for figuring it out the best, being the one who's "got it" backwards and forwards. Yet, if the word is not living moving and active in your heart, filling your soul with Joy for God's truths, his amazing love for his people, His longing to be reconciled with his creation, it's not getting us very far at all.
I look to the testimony I've seen to disprove this and I look to the character of God who would not allow one man to have this glory of being "right".
The discussion however, will be interesting.

Let us by no means fall asleep, we should probably mark on every day of our calendar "the day of his coming?" Remember, and pressing on free of fear, motivated by truth and love.
I have this verse written in wipe-y marker on our dining room window. Have for a while now. I love this verse:
And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming. John 2:28

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