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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That Darn Christmas Five!

I do have a goal of loosing 20 lbs this year. Now, I have a Christmas 5 so it's actually 25. I think a lot of that is toxins from bad food choices though and should fall off fast.....right?
So, I asked myself what would be doable and what would be motivating. I decided to make a take a few practical steps.

  1. Until I loose 10 I'm cutting breads and sugars. I really need to get my blood sugar healthier. I'm not diabetic but I know that sugar is what makes me gain weight, and throw my hormones off. Some practical ways I'm implementing this is to make something other than the bread in the menu. For instance, tonight the family is having cheese stuffed tortellini pesto and salad. I'm baking a big spaghetti squash to use some for tonight in place of the tortellini (very hard to not eat that yummy stuff!) and saving some for Friday when they have Spaghetti and meatballs and I can have mine on the squash. I'm opening a can of garbanzo beans to add to my pesto/squash for some protein. This afternoon the after school snack was bagels and cream cheese. I put the cream cheese on celery. I had two stalks. I'm not going to worry about fat or calories, just sugars.
  2. I'm drinking one cup of green tea at least a day. This is a good pick me up afternoon drink instead of a second cup of coffee. Coffee is not good for blood sugar levels. Green tea will help me detox as well and as I get older my body is loosing it's sharp detox skills. I don't like the taste of green tea so I'm adding stevia and a squeezed lemon wedge. It makes it much better.
  3. I'm training for a 5k. The 5k is on Feb 15th and that is half way through the training but I figure it's still a good motivator. I'm using this podcast right now to train. It tells you when to run and when to walk and it has a different set each week for nine weeks. I'm hoping to find another with less repetitious music (references appreciated).
  4. I'm going back to purposefully eating about 10 raw Brazil nuts a day. They help balance hormones and burn fat.
  5. I'm planning my life more. I'm literally starting to map out everything on the calendar this year. I'm planning family hikes ahead of time, meetings with the family, dates, talks with my husband, coupon plans, exercise etc. I've really realized that if I don't plan a time for something it probably is not going to happen. That being said, I have to say, when the kids were younger this was harder to do well.
I'm adding a weight loss meter to my sidebar to track how this goes. If you read in reader, you will have to click onto the blog to see progress.


TammyIsBlessed said...

Do you have an ipod? I downloaded the C25K app, so you can listen to whatever music you want and the app chimes in telling you when to run or walk - perfect!

Alicia said...

no, only an mp3. will it work with that?