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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vlog- My Home Organization Notebook

Here are your links:
Daily Page and Cleaning Pages


Michelle H said...

Great Idea!!! I thank you for the links and look forward to "the chores list"....although the kids may not be looking forward to it!

Karen said...

OK, Alicia...that was AWESOME!!!!! I *love* that you were in the thick of being "mom" and still powered thru that vlog! What an honest example of your (my) life!!

AND your planner binder is great! You are several steps ahead of me! I can't wait to hear your chore idea, we are in desperate need of a remake in that category around here!

Alicia said...

Michelle, I'm anxious to get mine going too, I NEED IT!!!:)

Karen, thanks for the love:) I battled posting this with it's candid nature but when I started this blog I wanted it to be real, not one of those blogs you read and go away hating your own life and accomplishments.

Amy B said...

Loved seeing you "live"! And those are great organization ideas/links! Thanks for sharing! (-:

Joan said...

Excellent stuff, Alicia. It got my homemaking juices flowing, and I need that right now. The links were helpful, too!